Various walls done by Nover over the years.

Nover, BT Halloween Wall, Passaic NJ, 2020.
Nover, Cypress Hills, NY. 2019.
NOVER, Carnival Theme, Passaic, NJ. 2019.
Nover, Graffiti Hall of Fame, Harlem, NY. 2019.
Nover, Walls with BT in Hackensack, NJ. 2019.
NOVER, Guardians of the Galaxy Theme, Toms River, NJ. 2017.
NOVER, Romans Theme, Toms River, NJ. January 2018.
NOVER, Brooklyn, NY. June 2017.
NOVER, Queens, NY. 2017.
Nover, Graffiti Hall of Fame, Harlem, NY. 2017.
NOVER, Passaic, NJ. 2017.
NOVER in progress,, Brooklyn, NY. 2015.
NOVER, Tuff City, Bronx, NY. 2016.
NOVER, Wynwood Walls, Miami, FL. 2019.
NOVER, Queens, NY. 2014.
NOVER, Warner Bros. Theme. Queens, NY. 2015.
GWB, Dragon by Nover in Mortal Kombat Theme, BT Lab. Bronx, NY 2014.
NOVER, "The Burning Of Kingston 2", Kingston, NY. 2015.
NOVER, Christmas Theme Wall. Brooklyn, NY. 2015.
NOVER, Christmas Theme, Toms River, NJ. 2014.
NOVER, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme in Brooklyn, NY. 2015.
NOVER, Brooklyn, NY. April 2018.
NOVER at the BT Lab, Bronx, NY. 2014.
NOVER, Birthday Wall in Brooklyn, NY, 2015.
Nover, OGM Barbecue at Tuff City, Bronx, NY. 2015.
NOVER, BT Wall in Paterson, NJ. 2019.
NOVER,, Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, NY. 2015.