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Featured Interview with HYPEBEAST

HYPEBEAST sat down with Nover in his studio to get into his work. Here's an excerpt:

HYPEBEAST: From start to finish, tell us about your creative process behind your fine artworks.?

NOVER: I started doing background explosion effects and comic book characters behind my letters around 2009. Scenery, buildings and landscapes are time consuming and it became easier to introduce explosions. Explosions gave a simpler yet impactful way to replace scenery behind my letters. In recent years, it has evolved by using different colors or by adding motion to the letters. The goal is to make them more eye catching. The colors chosen add contrast. Once I perfected this new style, I decided to start working on canvas. I try to draw the viewer’s attention with diverse colors and abstract explosions. A great color scheme on a painting is subtle yet significant. I want my audience to get to know me and my work before I evolve further.

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