The Burning Of Kingston 2, 2015.

Nover featured in Mass Appeal “The Burning of Kingston 2”

Here's some footage of Nover alongside Vers, Yes 1 and Nicer competing against the Spice Boys, Ces, Bio, Doves, Ribs. This is The Burning of Kingston 2, at The Trolley Museum of New York in Fall of 2015. Take a look at the team's themes and the battle that ensued.

The Burning Of Kingston 2, YES 1, NICER, VERS, Nover, Kingston, NY. 2015.
The opponents, Ces, Bio, Ribs, Doves, 2015.

They may have had to travel upstate, but the Burning Of Kingston II was like coming home for a lot of these guys.

The event brought some of the top writers from New York City to battle it out with burners on a scrapped subway car. Many of them were around for the era when it was common to paint New York trains, so like Bio says in the video, "It's nostalgic."

On one side was the defending champs Ces, Bio, Doves, and Ribs, and they kept their title this year with the assigned Donald Trump-themed production. On the other side was the close runner ups Nover, Vers, Yes 1, and Nicer, who went in on their Deflategate theme. Shout to The Trolley Museum of New York for not only letting us paint a train, but also for preserving the trains themselves.

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